What’s A Direct Access Medical Practice?

This is a smaller, more intimate medical practice that allows you to enjoy direct access to a physician who knows and cares about you. This gives our members great peace of mind and makes their lives easier to manage. Your personal health is our passion. How it Works: Members pay an annual fee for membership in the practice. This fee can be funded by a Company Cafeteria Plan or by the money you save when you change to a high deductible insurance plan. We bill your insurance after each visit, and any monies paid by the insurance company are sent directly to you. We can show you how you can save thousands of dollars per year and have your own personal physician who actually knows you, cares for you, develops a health plan for you, and stands ready to serve as your advocate and coordinator of all medical services when the need arises.

Our Services Include

We are here to handle your needs in the most convenient way possible for you.
  • Direct Access to Dr. Bob 24/7
  • Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam
  • Wellness Plan
  • Same or Next Day Appointments
  • Family & Group Plans Available
  • Generous Length Visits
  • Enhanced Referral Network
  • Prompt Prescription Refills
  • House Calls if Needed
  • Claim Facilitation
  • Courteous, Knowledgeable Staff

Joining is easy

Simply call 916-784-9575 and set up a free, no-obligation, get-acquainted visit with Dr. Bob. During this time you can explore our services and see if your need for personal health care and our practice is a good match. If so, we will schedule you for an initial examination, choose method of payment to cover the annual fee, and work with your insurance plan for any claims that may arise. Questions?  You can always visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page or call 916-784-9575 if you prefer. Join those who have discovered a new level of healthcare through Dr. Bob Taylor.

What Makes Us Different?

We bring an old fashioned approach to modern medicine, we treat you like family. The ability to deliver this highly personalized level of care is only possible through A Direct Access Medical Practice. With this method of doing business we have the time to evaluate, diagnose, plan, and deliver a medical service that is impossible with traditional medical programs. Where Dr. Taylor once served over 4000 patients in a traditional medical environment he now has the privilege of limiting his practice to 500 patients. This is just one of the reasons that patients affectionately refer to him as “Dr. Bob”—where else could you be so connected with your personal physician?

Our Address

2550 Douglas Boulevard, Ste 160
Roseville, CA 95661

Phone: 916.784.9575

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Saturday & Saturday: Closed