Ethics & Guidelines

Direct Access Practice — Mission Statement

Dr. Bob seeks to provide coordinated, detailed, personalized, quality care to its members in an environment of quick easy access and high level service. Patients can feel confident that their doctor is readily available, and as concerned with their welfare as he would be with a close relative or friend. Access to their own personal doctor, with rare exception, should be prompt, direct, and whenever needed.

To this end member patients are provided with the doctor’s home, cell phone and pager numbers. They are encouraged to call outside office hours for any health care issue they feel needs attention, at the time that attention is needed. Patients should rest assured that their doctor will do whatever is needed to meet their health care needs at virtually any hour.

Patients can expect same day or next day office appointments routinely, even for minor illnesses. Our patients will wait no more than a few minutes past their appointment times to see their doctor. Office visits will be unhurried and thorough; therefore, most appointments are scheduled at thirty minute intervals. Our responsive staff seeks to solve problems and to serve our patients’ health care needs expeditiously. We treat our patients as honored and valued “family members”.

Periodic, scheduled, comprehensive wellness evaluations are an integral part of the practice. By insisting that each member receive these detailed evaluations regularly, serious problems can be prevented or identified early and dealt with more easily.