Do I have to pay the annual fee at once?

 No. We have several billing options that can accommodate most every situation. We also accept most major credit cards.

How are after-hours called handled?

All patients are given a private cell-phone number and reach Dr. Bob 24 hours a day. In the unlikely event that Dr. Bob is temporarily unable to answer the phone, he will call you immediately when available.

Are group or family plans available?

Yes. Group and Family plans are available. Contact us for a quote.

What kind of patients have Dr. Bob as their primary physician?

Generally, our patients are those who value their time and are willing to take this approach to health care as an alternative to meeting their medical needs. Additionally, our patients have expressed their interest in immediate attention, a higher level of personalized care, a coordinated health plan, and the ability to access some of the best specialists in the Sacramento and Roseville area should the need arise.

Do you have a pediatric practice?

Our practice covers those who are age 12 to 100+. Patients who are younger are usually better served with a personal pediatric physician.

Is there a limit to the number of patients you will serve?

Yes. Our commitment to you can only be fulfilled if we limit the number of patients to 500. We will not grow our practice beyond 500 until we have added additional physicians and nurses to our staff to keep the same doctor-to-patient ratio. We are committed to the practice goal of keeping all patients happy, healthy, and completely satisfied with the attention and service they receive from us for years to come.

Am I under any obligation to stay with Dr. Bob as my primary physician?

No. You can always cancel your membership in our program at any time. We will return any unused membership fees to you less a small administrative charge.

“Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Taylor truly cares about the health and welfare of your family and you. He is not only your physician, he is a friend.


The one on one care and attention is very special and never hurried. He does not hesitate to order necessary tests or refer you to a specialist if needed. With our hectic schedules today, you have great comfort knowing that Dr. Taylor is taking the best care of your family’s health.”


—Karen W., Roseville, CA